Stingose is available in two convenient formats; gel or as a spray. The gel and spray contain the same active ingredient.

Choose your Stingose depending on the size of the affected area or type of bite.

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How to use Stingose


• Apply immediately to affected areas for proven results. Reapply if necessary.
• Always keep Stingose in your first aid kit.


For external use only. Keep out of eyes. Store below 30°C
Do not pre-treat with methylated spirits

Use Stingose to treat bites and stings of most insects and plants, including ant bites, mosquito bites, wasp stings, bee stings, sand fly bites, sea lice bites, vines and nettle stings.


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Q: How much does Stingose cost?

A: • Stingose Gel 25g RRP is $8.50
• Stingose Spray 25mL RRP is $8.50
• Stingose Spray 100mL RRP is $14.95

Where can I buy Stingose?' text

Stingose Gel 25g and Stingose Spray 25mL is available in supermarkets and pharmacies nationally.
Stingose Spray 100mL is exclusive to pharmacies only.

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